From the Desk of the conference Chairpersons

Dr. Purnima Nadkarni


Obstetrician, Gynaecologist & infertility Specialist

Dr. Kishore Nadkarni


Andro Surgeon & Male Infertility Specialist
Specialist in Sexual Medicine

Dear friends,

Thank you very much for helping us make Millennium Update 2015 conference at Vapi-Daman, a great success. Your presence & active participation made a difference.

On 25th in Live Hysteroscopy Workshop 25 cases were shown & 40 cases were done.

In Live ART Workshop, 4 Ovum Pickups, Egg Dissection, ICSI, TESA & Embryo Transfer were shown live with continuous interactions. Total 18 Pickups done at hospital. The lectures covered every aspect of Hysteroscopy, Laparoscopy & ART. Hysteroscopy manual was given to delegates. Dr. Osama Shawki mesmerized everyone for two hours. Our Hysteroscopy heroes were Dr. Osama Shawki, Dr. Robert Zurawin, Dr. S. Krishnakumar, Dr. Nagendra Sardeshpande, Dr. Nita Thakre, Dr. Milind Telang, Dr. Ashish Kale, Dr. Damodar Rao, Dr. Bijoy Nayak, Dr. Vivek Salunke, Dr. Meena Vankawala, Dr. Dipti Patel, Dr. Monica Vora, Dr. Jigna Garasia & Dr. Subas Mallya.

Live Lap surgeries were shown by Dr. Robert Zurawin, Dr. Shailesh Puntambekar (Lap Wertheim’s and para aortic lymph node dissection), Dr. S. Krishnakumar, Dr. Nagendra Sardeshpande, Dr. Nita Thakre, Dr. Vivek Salunke, Dr. P. G Paul, Dr. Prakash Trivedi, Dr. Milind Telang, Dr. Anurag Bhate, Dr. Vineet Mishra, Dr. Deepak Limbachia, Dr. Akshay Nadkarni, Dr.  Sanjay Patel, Dr. Sanket Pisat, Dr. Damodar Rao, Dr. Subas Mallya, Dr.  Abhijeet Mhaskar, Dr. Ashish Kale a healthy blend of young & new brigade & equally good moderation from Meril Academy done by Dr. Nitin Shah, Dr. Asha Rao, Dr. Abhishek Chandavarkar, Dr. Binal Shah & many more. 55 operations conducted in two days. Thanks to all the anesthetists and physicians who gave safe anesthesia to all the patients.

Embryology workshop conducted by Dr. Prabhakar Singh and Dr. Kishore Nadkarni initiated healthy discussions & many, Dr. Dharmesh Kapadia, Dr. Pratiksha Joshi, Dr. Vijay Vasudevan, Dr. Sudesh Kamat, Dr. Kersi Avari, Dr. Aparna Kotekar participated.

Hands on Pelvi Trainers, Ovum Pickup simulator & ICSI & hands on IUI simultaneously went on.

Dr. Prakash Trivedi-President FOGSI, was kind enough to come and give an exquisite oration at the Inauguration Ceremony on 26th evening. In the same session we also had movie star Mrs. Sonali Kulkarni as a Chief Guest who expressed her feelings towards doctors.

Last day was awesome with 4 Panel Discussions on PCOS, Endometriosis, Controversies in ART, Trouble Shooting in Embryology Lab & AUB conducted by best moderators and panelists. Dr. Kwang Moon Yang from Korea presented insights in Recurrent Implantation Failure cases during his key note address. Another exemplary key note address was delivered by Dr. Kishore Nadkarni on Azoospermia. Many Doctors in ART & Endoscopy delivered excellent lectures. IAGE President Dr. Rajendra Sankpal also gave a key note address on Lap myomectomy in the main endoscopy conference.  Dr. Sanjay Munshi, Dr. P. K. Shah, Dr. Narendra Gajjar, Dr. Sushma Baxi, Dr. Sanjay Makwana, Dr. Kaustubh Kulkarni, Dr. Kaushal Kadam, Dr. Kedar Padte, Dr. Leela Vyas, Dr. Sharda Kulkarni, Dr. Meenu Agarwal, Dr. Sandhya Chhasatiya, Dr. Asha Rao, Dr. Asha Bhatt, Dr. Purnima Nadkarni, Dr. Vipul Kapadia, Dr. Praful Doshi, Dr. Asha Desai, Dr. Prakash Bhatt, Dr. Varsha Baste, Dr. Tarini Taneja, Dr. Gayatri Thaker were the few seniors but there was a battery of young crusaders like Dr. Pooja Nadkarni Singh, Dr. Aditi Nadkarni, Dr. Prabhakar Singh, Dr. Monica Vora, Dr. Jigna Garasia, Dr. Monica Vora, Dr. Vandana Khalasi,  Dr. Anupama Shrivastav, Dr. Shailaja Mhaskar, Dr. Shital Punjabi, Dr. Asha Dixit,  Dr. Hardik Shah, Dr. Shakuntala Kumar, Dr. Brajbala Tiwari, Dr. Varsha Lahade, Dr. Nalini Bagul, Dr. Manpreet Patel, Dr. Jayshree Kapadia, Dr. Dipti Agarwal, Dr. Priya Bhave, Dr. Seema Pandey, Dr. Rajlaxmi Walavalkar, Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gaur, Dr. Kundan Ingle, Dr. Akhil Saxena, Dr. Kalyan Barmade, Dr. Kusum Malviya Verma, Dr. Rekha Menghani, Dr. Asha Verma, Dr. Tanu Batra, Dr. Sushila Saini, Dr. Anita Sharma, Dr. T. Chitra T., Dr. Archana Dwivedi, Dr. Pranav Parekh, Dr. Gopal Vekariya, Dr. Poonam Satpute, Dr. Pragnesh Shah, Dr. Kanika Kalyani, Dr. Satyen Kasabwala, Dr. Munjal Kapadia, Dr. Vaibhav Kapadia, Dr. Kavita Kapadia, Dr. Geetanjali Joshi, Dr. Mitesh Gavli, Dr. Usha Yadav, Dr. Kedar Marathe, Dr. Nidhi Vsani, Dr. Nita Mishra, Dr. Jjitendra Prajapati, Dr. Aarchis Desai, Dr. Beena Kumari, who also rocked.

There were free papers, posters, quiz conducted by Dr. Kalyan Barmade & Dr. Kanika Kalyani-awesome, excellent 12 rare videos by young upcoming endoscopists. Sincerely judged by Dr. Sushma Baxi, Dr. Gayatri Thaker, Dr. Rinoy Sreedharan, Dr. Punam Satpute, Dr. Praful Doshi, Dr. Geetanjali Joshi.  

Every night doctors enjoyed Christmas celebrations and rocked with Sufi singer Bhavin Shastri.

We are thankful to VOGS, IAGE, FOGSI president and chairperson endoscopy and infertility and GMC for granting 10 points.
Thank you my friends, you all made a difference. We are extremely thankful to the whole OT staff and all the anaesthetists for their valuable contribution in making 55 patients get operated and go home safely without any complications.

We are also grateful to our administrative staff of all 6 hospitals including Mr. Bharat Desai, Heena Parekh & their team from Killa Pardi & Valsad, Mr. Prashant Kothari & team from Vapi & Mr. Arvind & team from Surat who coordinated so well to make this 3 days hassle free for all the faculty and delegates.   

Wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year!

Dr. Purnima, Dr. Kishore & Dr. Jiigna.

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